Rave Reviews Log: Animal Stories

March 18, 2011

Animal Rescue Team: Hide and Seek

By Sue Stauffacher
Rating: 4 stars

This is book 3 in the Animal Rescue Team series.   Keisha's family runs the Carters' Urban Rescue, a business where they rescue wild animals.  The family gets a call that young deer gets a plastic pumpkin stuck on its head and if it isn't found and removed in time, the deer may starve.  As the Carters do their best to locate the deer, another new animal makes an entrance--a puppy that is a coyote/dog mix that keeps howling at the moon.  If the puppy can't learn to be a bit quieter, no one will adopt him.  Keisha is immediately in love with little Racket, but her brother Razi is afraid of dogs.  Can Keisha still convince her parents to keep him?   And how are they going to figure out how to save the deer when even catching a glimpse of him is proving difficult?  Everyone must put their heads together to solve the problem.  This is a great series, with wonderful characters and lots of information mixed in about the animals.  Animal loving kids will love it!